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United Lamp
Objective: Create new logo

United Lamp has provided the Tacoma area commercial lighting solutions for over 45 years. They specialize in providing green lighting solutions that are cost effective and safe for the environment. It is proudly family owned and continue to provide amazing solutions for their commercial partners. Empac helped United Lamp come up with a new, modern logo to continue pushing the company and brand forward.

Brand Attributes: Modern, Progressive, Sustainable

United Lamp Logo

The goal behind the design was to create a logo that felt modern, represented green lighting, and could easily be adapted for print and web materials. After conversation with key stakeholders at United Lamp, Empac came up with a leaf in lightbulb icon. The green used for the logo is incredibly vibrant and represents sustainability and high quality. We believe the new logo is quite adaptable and will continue to push the United Lamp brand forward.

United Lamp Typography
United Lamp Green Swatch United Lamp Black Swatch
United Lamp Green Logo United Lamp White Logo United Lamp Black Logo
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