L2R Snowboards
Objective: Align branding across all channels

L2R Snowboards is a northwest based company that was founded to raise money for Luke, a good friend of CEO Justin Moore, to fund his chemotherapy treatment. Being a group that loved snowboarding and going up to the mountains, the business L2R got into was selling snowboards with amazing graphics from locally sourced artists. We help L2R with their corporate branding.

Since 2011, Empac helped L2R align their branding across multiple channels. Any initiative that L2R ran had to look and feel the same whether it was online, in stores, or with brand representatives. Any company that L2R co-sponsored with had to align with L2R's core values and mission to contribute back to the snowboarding community. Some examples of L2R's core values at work are present in the SIA Tradeshow Guides from 2014 and 2015. Empac has made some incredible collateral with L2R Snowboards and we look forward to continuing work with them in the future.

L2R Snowboards 2017 SSS Ad

L2R Snowboards Snowboard Info Sheet
2017 Advertisements

The goal with the 2017 advertisements were to pair up witty catch phrases with amazing photos of sponsored snowboarders. For the first advertisement, we used an amazing photo of Robin Foster jumping the Baker road gap to show how capable the snowboard is when used for crazy stunts. The advertisement emphasizes how strong the board can be and invites the costumer to learn more about the board on the website.

The second advertisement shows a sponsored snowboarder taking in the view from an undisclosed area. The goal with this advertisement was to have the viewer imagine themselves in the moment. Exploration and a sense of adventure is a key component of the L2R brand and the advertisement promotes the idea of isolation and being one with nature.

l2r 2017 catalog
17/18 Catalog

The goal with the 17/18 catalog was to showcase the artwork and specifications of the new snowboards. The design of the catalog was simplified to accomodate our localization partners in Japan. This is the first year L2R Snowboards is selling product internationally, so the language had to be simplified to make the translation process easy. The catalog is set up as a 8.5in by 11in book that combines some of the advertisements we put together, beautifully showcases the artwork from our local artists, and celebrates the history and values of the company.

l2r crocodile event flyer
Crocodile Event Flyer

The poster was made for a movie premiere featuring key L2R riders and the Famdamly team. The flyer featured important information including date, time, location, prices, as well as sponsors of the teams and event. There had to be approval by all sponsors before the flyer was sent to print.

l2r reel camera advertisement
Reel Camera Promotion

There was a winter where L2R Snowboards partnered with Reel Cameras on a sales promotion to increase brand awareness for both companies. The design was resized for several advertising mediums including blogs, facebook, web advertisement, features, and much more. The advertisement had to be approved by both companies before the advertisement went live.

l2r boards page

The board page is clean and simple. Since the only snowboards that L2R has in stock are the 2016/2017 boards, there were only three lines of boards that needed to be showcased.

l2r board sample page
Board Sample

This is where customers learn about all the specific details about the board. It includes information about the stiffness of the board, the dimensions, and the shows off a high resolution render of the artwork. If the boards were in stock, this page would lead to a shop page that would allow a customer to purchase a board right away.

Mobile Site
L2R Website Mobile Home L2R Website Mobile Home Expand L2R Website Mobile Board L2R Website Mobile Board Sample

Britton has been a very huge help in the growth of our company. He works fast with great results. He is very knowledgable in many ways websites are designed. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Justin Moore from L2R Snowboards
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