L2R Snowboards

Objective: Align branding across all channels

L2R Snowboards is a northwest based company that was founded to raise money for Luke, a good friend of CEO Justin Moore, to fund his chemotherapy treatment. Being a group that loved snowboarding and going up to the mountains, the business L2R got into was selling snowboards with amazing graphics from locally sourced artists. We help L2R with their corporate branding.

Since 2011, Empac helped L2R align their branding across multiple channels. Any initiative that L2R ran had to look and feel the same whether it was online, in stores, or with brand representatives. Any company that L2R co-sponsored with had to align with L2R's core values and mission to contribute back to the snowboarding community. Some examples of L2R's core values at work are present in the SIA Tradeshow Guides from 2014 and 2015. Empac has made some incredible collateral with L2R Snowboards and we look forward to continuing work with them in the future.


sanity sold separately ad
Sanity sold separately.
sanity sold separately ad
Fresh powder ahead.
sanity sold separately ad
Reel camera cross-promotion.
l2r 2017 catalog
17/18 Catalog

The goal with the 17/18 catalog was to showcase the artwork and specifications of the new snowboards. The design of the catalog was simplified to accomodate our localization partners in Japan. This is the first year L2R Snowboards is selling product internationally, so the language had to be simplified to make the translation process easy. The catalog is set up as a 8.5in by 11in book that combines some of the advertisements we put together, beautifully showcases the artwork from our local artists, and celebrates the history and values of the company.


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