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Objective: Create marketing materials

Hopesparks is a local non-profit that helps families in need of social service. Hopesparks specializes in numerous programs including Children's Development Services, Family Support Services, relatives needing help raising children, and more. Empac helped Hopesparks create stunning rack cards that captured the power of their programs and how they will benefit the community.

Creating rack card designs for all the programs at Hopesparks presented a unique challenge. Each program was vastly different from one another. Empac had to develop a template that complemented the imagery and information associated with the programs. The template had to work with a vast color palette that was unique to the Hopesparks brand. Below are a couple samples from the rack card set.

HopeSparks Eating Recovery Card
HopeSparks General Card
HopeSparks Child Development Card
HopeSparks Healing Hearts Card
HopeSparks Family Support Card
HopeSparks Relatives Card

I couldn't be more pleased with Britton's eye for design as well as his knowledge and professionalism. I would highly recommend him and am thankful for his partnership.

Jesie Holden from HopeSparks
Via LinkedIn

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