Eagle Metals

Objective: Create new website

Back in late 2016, the owners of Eagle Metals approached Empac to create a new website to help promote their business and make it easier for contractors to purchase products for their construction projects. The goal of the website was to build an online experience that helped educate contractors about the services Eagle Metals offered and make it easy to get all the products and documentation necessary to complete a project.

eagle metals shop page

The shop is home to an unique experience that makes it easy for contractors to find the products they need to purchase. The main shop page is the gateway to an assortment of products that can be easily sorted once you go further into the shop. All products can be managed and adjusted by Eagle Metals via the Shopify platform.

eagle metals custom work page
Custom Work

Eagle Metals is one of the largest buyers of sheet metal and offers contractors the ability to order custom-made metal parts that will be needed for their project. This page showcases all the different metal parts that can be made and gives contractors the ability to submit their own drawings for a metal piece.

eagle metals vaproshield page

Eagle Metals is a proud distributor of VaproShield, a company that designs and manufactures high performance, vapor permeable membranes that protect buildings from condensation build-up and maximizes the performance of a building. VaproShield is an important partner for Eagle Metals, which is why there is a page dedicated to educating contractors about the features and benefits of VaproShield. Everything a contractor needs to know lives on the VaproShield pages.

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