DeMarre Construction
Objective: Create New Website

DeMarre Construction is a residential construction company that has been remodeling homes and building extraordinary structures since 2004. Their quality workmanship has earned them a reputation as one of the best contractors in the pacific northwest. Ryan DeMarre, the owner, approached Empac to create a new website that would get them noticed and showcase their premier projects to potential clients. Ryan wanted a website that was simple to navigate and emphasized a modern and clean look.

DeMarre Home Page
Home Page

The home page gives customers a high level overview about DeMarre Construction. There's a slideshow above the fold to showcase DeMarre's feature projects, an introduction video, and a call to action for contacting Ryan about construction and remodel projects. Under the fold, the website shows customers what DeMarre Construction is capable of doing, what they're all about, and the area they serve.

DeMarre Kitchen Page
Project Page

The project pages are where customers can view projects featured by DeMarre Construction. These pages are a great way for customers to understand the amount of time, money, and effort goes into taking a project from idea to execution. After the customer is done viewing the featuring project, they are met with a slideshow gallery to see other projects featured in the section.

DeMarre Kitchen Page Gallery
Project Page Gallery

This is where customers can view similar projects to the feature project. This gives a customer a great idea of what DeMarre Construction is capable of doing. There are multiple ideas and styles DeMarre Construction is capable of and we felt this was the best way to showcase these other projects.

DeMarre Contact Page
Contact Page

The call to action is very simple. After viewing all the projects, customers are invited to contact DeMarre Construction by email or phone number. DeMarre doesn't have an office space, so it wasn't necessary to include a physical location. The contact form is set up to be easy to fill out while filtering out spam with the checkbox at the end.

Mobile Site

DeMarre Website Mobile Home DeMarre Website Mobile Home Expand DeMarre Website Mobile Kitchen DeMarre Website Mobile Kitchen Gallery DeMarre Website Mobile Contact

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