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Objective: Create company identity

Character is defined by how we react to the circumstances we are dealt. While the world around us finds a way to put blame on the reasons why they are in the situation they’re in, we are making the best of what we have. We take what we’re given and find a way to improve the quality of life for ourselves and for our community. This is the philosophy behind 152nd.

152nd is an apparel brand based out of Seattle. The idea behind the brand is to recognize the hard work of local artists and professionals that have come from unfortunate circumstances and made the best of the hand they were dealt. The brand celebrates dedication and loyalty for one's craft. To achieve this, the logo and branding must be simple enough that any local artist can take it and create a masterpiece based on the logo. The logo serves as a canvas for the artist that is fortunate enough to work with the brand. It's a truly unique brand that is built to adapt with the community as it grows up. There’s beauty in forward thinking.

Brand Attributes: Bold, Modern, Progressive, Raw

152nd Logo

The logo is made purely of type. The reason for this is to keep it simple enough to "work with." The branding is about the arts, ideas, and passion. This means a logo that local artists can pick up and be creative with it. The logo serves as a canvas that any artist can pick up and be creative with. It's simple enough that it can be used with any advertising and marketing collateral.

Underneath the aesthetics of the logo is the idea behind the way it was composed. It isn't obvious, but the slant at the bottom of the 5 and the slant at the top of the 2 is set to perfectly line up at a 152 degree angle going upwards. This is to emphasize continuity and progress. The brand serves to showcase local artists that may lack brand equity and recognition. 152nd as a brand succeeds only if the artists succeeds with it.

152nd Typography
152nd Color Palette Black
152nd Sample Ad 1

152nd Sample Ad 2

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152nd Sample Ad 4

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