Marketing Services

From prospect to customer, we will help guide your audience down the right path towards learning about your values and offerings, making a purchase decision, and engaging your business afterwards.

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Marketing Strategy

There's so many different ways a business can communicate with their audience. However, there's only so many channels that actually make sense to communicate through. We'll sit down and put together an action plan for how we will engage your audience, and what messaging and content will make sense for them.

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Content Marketing

It's difficult to keep your customers engaged if there's no content for them to engage with. We'll put together a plan that looks at the roles of different content types and which ones make the most sense for your audience.

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Social Media Marketing

Your customers are constantly online talking about life, experiences, and things they are doing around their community. We'll take a look at what your audience is doing on social media, which platforms they're on, and what content makes sense to appropriately engage them with.

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Digital Marketing

There's all kinds of places your customers may be online. We'll take a look at all the different places they are at and identify the best way to put together targeted advertising that is both relevant, leads them closer to a purchase decision, and continues improving brand recognition.

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Email Marketing

Crafting a good email strategy can be incredibly difficult. It's important to put something relevant together that doesn't come across as spam. We'll come up with an email marketing strategy that will engage your customers using modern tools such as Mailchimp.

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Marketing Optimization

Not all campaigns will be successful, and that's perfectly okay. We'll work together to take a look at the current strategy, identify areas of opportunity, and put together an optimization plan that will leverage our strengths while addressing weaknesses or taking advantage of market opportunities.

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Search Engine Optimization

We'll find the right content and keywords that will make your business stand out, along with optimizing how your website is built so you'll stand out in Google search rankings.

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Google Analytics

It's important to understand where your customers are coming from and what they're doing on your website. Deploying analytics is the next step towards improving the customer experience on your website.

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Facebook Chat

Customers love engaging with the businesses they buy from, and deploying a chat feature using the latest technologies from Facebook allows you to do just that. Get real-time messages from anyone that comes across your website.

britton lorentzen

Why Empac?

Throughout my whole career, I've always considered myself a marketer and storyteller. The most important aspect of any business is understanding what makes that business unique, how did they get to where they are today, and what is it they value the most. I've found that I can truly focus on the narrative when I'm personally involved with the business, both their owners and their stakeholders.

There are a lot of professionals that focus on driving results today. That's how they're able to realize their income immediately. However, driving results today doesn't usually translate to driving results for the future. There's a significant amount of planning involved when creating a plan that can be executed for the foreseeable future. That's why we'll be spending a good amount of our time identifying the business needs of today, and where we see the business headed in the future. It's incredibly difficult to plan for today if we don't understand our baseline, and what our goals are for the future. So we'll be preparing for all scenarios and putting together plans that are future-proof.

Let's move on to some past projects.