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Design is the art of communication. It requires a keen eye for detail, the understanding of emotions, and effective positioning. It's crucial to have design that aligns with your company and branding. Design has the power to engage, influence, and communicate yourself to the world. With the amount of power design has over your business, it's important to choose a company that will listen to your message and finds ways to empower or enhance it. We have the knowledge and expertise to effectively communicate the value of your brand.

We've worked with companies of all sizes and organizations. Companies such as L2R Snowboards, HopeSparks, 152nd, and more have trusted us with their design. Even an organization like Apple Inc. has invited us to work with them on projects for a 5 month period. Every company that's worked with us has loved the results produced from our process. This page is specifically created to guide you through the process we take when learning about your company, understanding your objectives, and creating solutions that will engage your audience and empower your brand.


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Set Business Objectives

Behind good design is a solid set of business objectives. This can range anywhere from increasing sales by a certain percentage, raising brand awareness about your product or business, signing customers up for free trials, and more. This is a necessary step in the design cycle to ensure that we are designing with a purpose. It isn't good enough to design something aimlessly without understanding the value it needs to bring.

The best objectives are ones that are measurable. For example, it's possible to capture how many people visit your website, how many of them convert into a sale, etc. It's important to understand that qualitative goals such as brand perception may be difficult to capture. This may involve more research, asking more questions to your customers, and more. Regardless, we will work together to come up with a set of objectives if none have been thought of before starting our business relationship.

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Conduct Research

Now that business objectives have been set, it's time to conduct additional research. This involves multiple items including setting our target audience, where we'll find them, how they engage with your competitors, and more. This part of the process also involves interviewing you along with key stakeholders to get an understanding of what your leadership and employees think about the company and brand.

It's important to understand the situation your company is dealing with and how we can reinforce, or change, behaviors and attitudes. Effective branding and design can't happen until we have a good idea of the situation we're dealing with. Once we have a good understanding of the situation, we can move on to designing the strategy that will reinforce or change your current branding.

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Clarify Strategy

We have a good grasp of the situation, we know who we need to target, now we need to develop the strategy. This includes associating the company with words and phrases that describe the brand. This also involves agreeing to a platform on which we will distribute our message. Questions that may be answered, or come up, include "How are we going to reach our audience," "What is our personality and style," "What materials do we need to create to to reinforce our message," and much more.

To help facilitate this process, it's our job to put together a brand or creative brief for your company. This is a document that details every aspect of the new strategy. This is an important document that will continue the design process and serve as direction through the remaining of the project. Once an agreement has been made on the strategy, we can move on to the actual design process.

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Design Identity and Touchpoints

This is where the real fun begins. Now that we know our audience and our strategy, we can start putting together materials that will capture the essence of your brand. This includes a corporate logo, brand logos, marketing collateral, and other products that your company will sell or use. We will explore what is necessary to create. we'll also think about the big idea surrounding the new brand identity. This may involve looking at possible avenues of advertising, promotion, and how we can creatively share our message. Once all the designs have been created, we'll meet to approve or revise what's been created. At this point, we'll have a significant understanding of our goals, our audience, and how we will effectively communicate our message.

Once everything has been approved, it's important to consider filing a trademark for your new identity. We certainly wouldn't want someone coming along and stealing all of your brand ideas. If you don't have an attorney that is comfortable filing a trademark, we will work together to find one that does.

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We've gone the complete distance. Our research is done, our strategy is excellent, all of the designs are beautiful and elegant, now it's time to launch and show everyone what we've been working on. This is an important time to rally the company together and be excited about the new look and feel of your company.

It's important to figure out who in your organization will be the brand champions, who's going to help push communication, and much more. If there are not many people involved in your company, it might be a great time to use products such as Buffer to push out communications quickly and efficiently. Otherwise, bask in the glory of your amazing new brand and look forward to seeing how people will engage with the new look and feel. The time and effort will be worth it in the end.

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