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Published: January 25th, 2017

Hey all! This is Britton. Here is the blog post I was talking about in my podcast a little earlier. This post is dedicated to me trying to commit to running a blog again. I tried to put together a blog a while ago. However, the problem with the previous blog was that I was trying to be too serious with it. I know that if I commit to a blog, it needs to be much more personal and down to earth. Nobody has time to read through a bunch of marketing and design jargon.

With that being said, this new blog is going to be about my ideas, thoughts, and feelings about the wild world of design and marketing. It's all going to be raw, kind of uncensored, and down to earth. If you want a blog filled with marketing jargon and people acting like they know what they're talking about, this is definitely not the blog for you. This blog serves as a safe place to express how you 'really' feel about all this stuff. I want to connect with all the folks that need marketing and design help without dealing with the ish in between.

Enough with the intro, here are some of the things I want to implement in both the podcast and blog going through 2017.

1. Create a Community

We have an amazing opportunity to make a friendly community of designers, marketers, small business owners, photographers, developers, and all kinds of creative people. This is the kind of community where I want people to come with their ideas, thoughts, questions, and concerns. If you feel that there is a topic to discuss, let this blog know so I can put together a post for all of us to talk about the topic. Nothing monumental has ever come from folks doing things by themselves. The best ideas come from a collective of folks that pitch in their talents and make something awesome. I'm sure you are an awesome individual, so your ideas are valid as well.

2. Dive Deeper into Topics

There were a lot of things that I talked about in my podcasts. Most of these podcasts have only scratched the surface of what's available. There's so much behind logo design, advertisement design, color theory, typography, and more. I believe step one is to rehash my original podcasts into blog posts so we have a platform to work with. Each podcast has been about 10 to 15 minutes at this point. I understand that this can be quite taxing on your time. Instead of forcing everyone to listen to the podcast, it makes sense to rework the podcasts into blog posts, start from the basics, then expand on topics in future posts.

3. Collaborate with Other Creatives

The beautiful thing about blog posts and podcasts is the ability to collaborate with people. This includes bouncing ideas back and forth... pretty much like a conversation. The only difference is we would (hopefully) have you lovely people to join the conversation. So, the collaborator and I would basically start a topic, have a discussion about it, and continue the conversation with all of you. Not only will you learn about things, I'm sure we'll learn some things as well.

4. Connect Podcasts with Blog Posts

I feel like podcasts and blog posts can be a powerful combination. Things that may not have been said on a podcast could be included in a blog post. Most of my podcasts are improvised, so including a blog post per podcast will be helpful in synchronizing the thoughts between verbal and written word. This also gives all of you the option of either listening to the podcast, reading the blog posts, or doing both. It's completely up to you.

With all of that being said, what are your thoughts about the direction of the podcast and blog? I think it's going be a great opportunity to start a community and discusss some pretty cool topics. I know we can do this right and it'll require the help of all of you out there. Make sure you send me your podcast and blog ideas to Britton@EmpacDesign.com or post something to the Emerald Pacific Twitter. I am all thoughts, eyes, and ears. I look forward to connecting with you all soon.

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