Four Ways to Improve Your Website
Britton Lorentzen
Designer, marketer, and owner.

Published: March 20th, 2017

Your website is a window to the world. It’s your opportunity to make a great first impression and let people know what you and your company are all about. There are tons of companies that put up a website and don’t see the results they are expecting right away. Here are four ways you can improve your website and start achieving the results you’re looking for.

Implement Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the service we use to gather information about how your customers are using your website. It’s a powerful service that allows us to track different metrics such as bounce rate, conversions, and what your users are looking at when they get to your website. It also allows us to see who is looking at your website and for how long. This is an essential tool for understanding who’s looking at your website and what they’re interested in. It’s also useful for getting a better understanding as to why users may not take an action you’re wanting them to take. Setting business goals and using Google Analytics as a tool to help identify problems with your website is necessary for improving your customer’s experience when they look through your website.

Adjust Your Content for Your Intended Audience

This can be a tricky step in the website process. Implementing this step requires an understanding of who is looking at your website. That’s why it’s important to implement some kind of an analytics tool that gives you the insight you need to adjust your content.

Even if you don’t have some form of analytics set up, it’s important to write your content in a way your target audience understands. Some businesses use acronyms and terminology that relate to other professionals in their field and has no significance to your audience. For example, I used the terms “bounce rate” and “conversions” earlier in my post and you might not have a clue what I was talking about. Bounce rate represents a percentage of folks that viewed your website and didn’t go on to look at other pages. Conversions are a measurement of actions that lead to a potential sale on your website. For example, we might measure a conversion as someone that filled out your contact form to gather more information about your product or service. Such terms like this are great for other professionals in my field. However, I have a responsibility to make sure my customers understand what I’m saying so they have a better idea how I’ll be able to help them. It’s important to you and your business to communicate your services in a similar fashion.

Have a Clear Call to Action

A Call to Action is an indication of your customer’s next step in the purchasing process. This might be a subscription to your email updates, filling out a contact form to get in touch with your sales team, or an invitation to purchase your product. The more obvious you make your call to action the better your results will be. There are a lot of businesses that do a great job describing the benefits of their product and fail to provide an obvious next step for what to do next. There should be numerous ways your customer interacts with your website and with your company. Once a task has been done, there should always be another task to do that’ll eventually lead to a conversion.

Give Your Customers a Reason to Come Back

It can be difficult to bring customers back to your website. Once your customer sees what you have to offer, they won't come back until they are ready to make a purchase. However, you can help push the purchasing process along by offering content that aligns and engages with your audience. This can be accomplished by offering tips about your product or service through blog posts, podcasts, and videos. There are other creative ways to get your customers engaged with your website. You could run a promotion, contest, or something that gets your audience talking about your business. Treat your business like a brand and find unique ways to take your business and make it personable for your audience.

What kinds of things have you done to make your website better? I would love to learn more about what you guys have done to improve your website and make it more engaging. If you have additional questions about how to improve your website, feel free to email me at or send a message to me on Twitter. If you liked this post, share it with folks you think may find this post helpful and subscribe to our mailing list for future updates.

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