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About the designer

Britton Lorentzen is a visual designer from the Seattle area. He’s worked on numerous projects ranging from small business branding on up to internal branding and marketing campaigns for companies such as Apple and T-Mobile.

Britton is a marketing major from the University of Washington and specializes in projects pertaining to branding, digital marketing, and marketing strategy. He’s capable of taking projects from concept to execution given his ability to design, develop, and market products and solutions.

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The art of communication involves bringing together all the components necessary to tell an inspiring story. That means creating a solution that is aligned with your business objectives, beautifully communicates your message, and implements the right technology to bring it all together. Empac is the emobodiment of a complete solution that brings all levels of your business together and tells a consistent, and cohesive story.

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Clients of all sizes have trusted Empac Design with their marketing and design projects. Projects range anywhere from logo designs on up to complete branding and marketing campaigns. Every brief is an opportunity for Empac to develop a relationship with the client and expand past the original project and work towards a relationship that will continue driving results for the client’s bottom line.

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Empac Weekly

The podcast all about branding, marketing, design, technology, and whatever else is on Britton's mind.

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