Olympic Energy
Objective: Create new website

Olympic Energy is a locally owned and operated company that offers clean and reliable heating oil for families and businesses in Kitsap county and surrounding areas. Coming into Autumn 2017, Olympic Energy was looking to revamp their website and chose Empac to do the re-design. Before the re-design, the website was a single page website that wasn't yet optimized for mobile. Olympic Energy now has a beautiful website that is optimized for all devices and tells a more elegant story about the brand.

Olympic Energy Services Web

The services page used to be a table that only gave customers the name of a service. In the new website, all the services are displayed and discussed in full detail. This gives customers the ability to learn more about Olympic Energy services before making a choice on their heating solution.

Olympic Energy Services Web
Why Heating Oil

This page is great for prospective customers to learn more about the benefits of heating oil and why it's the best solution for families and businesses around Kitsap county and surrounding areas. Choosing a heating solution can be difficult, so this page makes it easier to understand why heating oil is a great solution.

Olympic Energy Services Web

Once customers learn about the benefits of heating oil and how the service works, they can move to the contact page to get in touch with a heating oil expert to set up their heating oil solution.

Mobile Site
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